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  Cole Engineering Services, Inc.

Engineering Tomorrow - Today

Cole Engineering was founded in response to the training needs of warriors who have made the commitment to serve and protect the United States of America.

Cole Engineering:

  • Uses Live, Virtual and Constructive training environments to emulate realistic operational environments,
  • Links rigorous technical engineering discipline with great skill and experience on highly complex and critical projects,
  • Uniquely engineers solutions to the seemingly unsolvable, and
  • Manages the unpredictable... breaks down technological boundaries... breaks through communication barriers... and anticipates problems before they impact the mission- all with the utmost integrity.

Corporate Capabilities:

  • System architecture & analysis using DoDAF methodologies.
  • Distributed simulation development & integration using Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA).
  • OneSAF and OneSAF Test Bed Baseline (OTB) architecture and modeling.
  • Joint SAF (JSAF) architecture and modeling.
  • Autonomous behaviors for SAF environments.
  • Virtual simulation modeling and development (e.g. CCTT RVS).
  • Instructor station software for virtual simulation.
  • Web/distributed software systems development.
  • Natural Language Processing Interface (NaLPI) for SAF event stimulation using C4I messages.
  • Sustainable solutions with rigorous Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS).

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If the job is too hard, call COLE!
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CESI provides legacy conversion and translation of JANUS, JSAF and MODSAF warfare components. Our expertise covers scenario, model, and vignette translation services.

CESI Promises
  • We Listen and Deliver
  • Small company responsiveness - big company professionalism
  • We build systems that are easy for warriors to use

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